Namaste Nutrition ReVIVE


Product Highlights:

 IV Nutrition in a Bottle – No Needles!

 Daily Natural Energy & Immune System Support*

 Superior Hydration on a Cellular Level*

 Helps Reduce Daily Fatigue*

 Caffeine Free

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Hydrate Your Health With The Myers Cocktail

IV Nutrition continues to grow as more people are aware of all the nutrients that drive oxygen and energy into the cells in the body. MyersMD took the very same concept and put it into a bottle!

Introducing MyersMD ReVIVE…

ReVIVE is a totally natural, safely dosed portable formula that delivers IV doses of the powerful nutrients found in the popular Myer’s Cocktail. The Myers Cocktail is a powerful IV therapy that incorporates several crucial vitamins and minerals into one single effective treatment. Consisting of a mixture of B-Vitamins, calcium, magnesium & Vitamin C, this powerful blend of essential nutrients makes the Myers Cocktail an excellent choice for treating a variety of different health conditions.*

Notable health improvements have been shown in those with:*

  • Chronic stress*
  • Asthma*
  • Chronic fatigue*
  • Migraines*
  • Fibromyalgia*
  • Upper respiratory infections*
  • Seasonal allergies*
  • Mood disorders*
  • Depression*
  • Anxiety*
  • Cardiovascular disease*
  • Chronic sinusitis*
  • Muscle spasms*
  • And More...*
MyersMD Revive Benefits Everyone

While the Myers Cocktail has been found to help people suffering from these chronic conditions, almost anyone can benefit from it!* Even those with adequate health but may just want to boost their daily energy and mood.*

Have A Myers Cocktail On Your Time!

We’ve taken the popular Myers Cocktail and put it in a bottle! Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients this morning energy blend will ignite your health and well-being.*

No needles, no appointments, no inconvenience… just add water and feel the difference!

ReVIVE infuses your body’s cells with pure essential nutrition! Providing maximum hydration, a natural energy boost & complete immune system support – without the jitters or without the crash!


MyersMD ReVIVE can help anyone:*

  • Increase Daily Natural Energy*
  • Boost Immune System Defense*
  • Improve Hydration*
  • Reduce Daily Fatigue*
  • And More...*

ReVIVE’s specialty blend of powerful pharmaceutical grade vitamins will leave your body feeling refreshed and energized!*

One Super Formula For Optimal Health!

Essential Nutrients Function* Can Help With*
Magnesium Vital for muscle & nerve health, healthy energy levels* Fatigue, muscle cramps, stress, PMS, healthy heart, sleeplessness*
Ascorbic Acid Powerful antioxidant, fights infections, maintain skin health* Aches, Pains, skin care, cold, flu*
Calcium Regulates heartbeat, maintains immunity health, maximizes bone density* Muscle cramps, pain, depression, sleeplessness*
Vitamin B5 Healthy energy, immune system support, hair and skin health* Infections, stress, healthy heart function, skin and hair problems, energy production*
Vitamin B6 Converts food into healthy energy, immune system support* Fatigue, PMS, infections, energy production*
Vitamin B12 Nervous system health* Poor memory, mood swings, fatigue*

MyersMD ReVIVE, the one cocktail you need for vital immune system defense & energy!*

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