ReVIVE & ReLAX Bundle


Product Highlights:

 Increase Daily Natural Energy*

 Support Immune System Health*

 Superior Hydration*

 Reduce Daily Fatigue*

 Maintain Healthy Cortisol Levels & Reduce Stress*

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24 HOUR Targeted Nutrient Support

MyersMD Revive and Relax Bundle provides 24 hour support

 A busy lifestyle requires a lot from our bodies. In order to keep up with life’s everyday demands, we need balanced nutrient replenishment day and night. With this in mind, our MyersMD Physicians Group collaborated with National Pharmaceutical Specialists and we created our MyersMD ReVIVE & ReLAX Bundle!

  • Increase Daily Natural Energy*
  • Support Immune System Health*
  • Superior Hydration*
  • Reduce Daily Fatigue*
  • Maintain Healthy Cortisol Levels & Reduce Stress*
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