SUPER B-12 Sublingual Drops


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 Provides Essential B12 for Healthy Energy Levels, Brain Function & More*

 Made from High-Absorption Liquid B12

 Infused With Folic Acid & Natural Flavor Extracts

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MyersMD Super B-12 - The Right Kind Of Energy!

Are you tired of being tired all of the time?

Do you feel like you have to have a caffeine boost just to make it through the morning? Wishing you could sneak away for a 2 o’clock nap?

Or, how about having to skip out on evening plans & activities that you normally love because you just don’t have the energy?

Sound familiar?… then it’s time to give yourself the right kind of energy!

With MyersMD Super B-12 you will fuel your body with a vitamin powered boost of smooth, lasting energy throughout the day without the jitters and without the crash! This liquid formula is a potent Super B12 blend that includes folic acid and natural flavor extracts to provide an experience that leaves your body and taste buds feeling revitalized.

MyersMD Super B-12 liquid promotes easy absorption and promotes essential maintenance of nervous tissue and energy metabolism!

So, What Is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B-12 also known as the “energy” vitamin is an essential vitamin needed by the body for healthy brain function, nerve & tissue support, and the production of red blood cells. Studies indicate that between 10% to 40% of adults are either deficient in B12 or bordering on being deficient in this essential vitamin. While people over the age of 60 tend to be higher risk for deficiency, younger people that practice a plant-based diet may also be getting insufficient amounts of vitamin B12 as well.*

Our primary source of natural vitamin B12 comes from animal products, such as meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products. It does not typically occur in plant based foods. However, research has shown that eating too much meat has the potential to be harmful in a variety of different ways. Additionally, stress can play a major factor on our body’s B12 levels as well.

So, as you can see it can be challenging to keep our vitamin B12 levels where we need them to be each day.

Vitamin B12 is crucial in supporting a variety of different body functions:

  • Healthy Energy Levels & Energy Metabolism*
  • Brain Health & Cognitive Function*
  • Nervous System Health*
  • Cell Growth & Repair*
  • Red Blood Cell & DNA Formation*

It’s no wonder that a lack of vitamin B12 can have people feeling down and out! That’s why we’ve created MyersMD Super B-12 – and why it’s one of our all time best selling products!

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