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 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3

 Supports Healthy Immune System Function*

 Promotes Heart Health, Brain Function, Bone & Muscle Strength, and More*

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Join the Vitamin D3 Revolution

Did you know that an average of 41% of American adults are Vitamin D deficient? Even more staggering is the fact that for some ethnicities and age groups, this number is soaring upwards to over 82%!

The importance of Vitamin D has been a hot topic of conversation recently due to all of the wonderful benefits that this vitamin provides our bodies.

But what’s not talked about is the fact that to enjoy a wider range of benefits for your immune system, heart, brain, and more… we need more Vitamin D than what we can get from our daily diet and activities alone.*

Also, if our body is Vitamin D deficient it’s nearly impossible to overcome without the right support!

That’s where MyersMD D3 comes in…

Immune Defense

The importance of maintaining healthy blood levels of Vitamin D cannot be understated. While people have come to think that a glass of milk and a little sunshine will fulfill their Vitamin D needs, the deficiency numbers prove otherwise.

Vitamin D3 Self Defense with Immune Support

Targeted towards Your Well-being

MyersMD D3 provides a long list benefits for general wellbeing as well as targeted areas of daily health. And while this is by no means an exhaustive list, the vast benefits of our Vitamin D formulation include support for:

  • Immune Cell Response*
  • Cardiovascular Function*
  • Brain Health*
  • Positive Mood*
  • Energy & Vitality*
  • Normal Cell Growth*
  • Calcium Absorption*
  • Bone Strength*
  • Muscle Function*

Vitamin D3 5000iu Softgels

You could continue to hope the rest of your diet gets you the nutrients required to meet your Vitamin D needs — or you can take MyersMD Vitamin D3every day and join the Vitamin D Revolution!